Friday, April 6, 2012

The 2012.

It is my very first blog update here in year 2012. I just don't really have the time to update or maybe change my blog skin or whatever. So here am I right now having 4 days holiday for the Good Friday and the upcoming Easter Day. Pheeeew! Finally I got some time to spend on Facebook and somehow, on blog as well. Well, I don't think people are following my blog too. Haha! Blog is just like a diary for me to voice out everything that I wanted to.

Alright, let's come back to the point of blogging. So, how is it goes for your year 2012? The year of Dragon, LOL! As for me, so far it has been a hectic year. Pretty exhausted with my job and everything. It doesn't seems to go smooth on whatever things I am doing. First of all, I was planning to pursue my career in other field or getting myself with a better offer or opportunity but it does not work. I'm over high demand I guess and now I am stick with another half year contract and let's see how it goes in the future for the 6 months later. Secondly, getting myself healthier a lil this year. I mean it. I went for GYM!!!!! Yes, baybehhh, I am going for a workout! LOL! Finally I made it which I have been planning this for like few years? :P And finally I can experience in a better lifestyle. Clubbing or drinking no longer included! :P

Basically, I got nothing much to say besides my job because I don't really have time for other stuffs besides of working in the office for like 8 hours -13 hours , 5 days in a week? Saturday and Sunday always the best days ever which I can have a relief. No suffering from the freaking annoying jam, no working doubts, no emails, no escalations, no issues, the important thing is NOT FACING THE 2 MONITORS that I need to face every single second in work. Pathetic huh? Yea, it is. In Hokkien, people would describe this as "Jek Ak". Haha! Since now, I do have gym and going to take workout classes soon, my daily life is pack and I don't think I do have time for some hangover or maybe get a date? :P Well, I don't have a date, so no worries. This is what good on a single people like me. I feel great sometimes and especially when I am thinking of that SOMEONE. And with my packed schedules, now, I no longer have time to think about this person, indeed. ;) Well, a great start isn't it? *Wheeeeeeeeeeeee*

And next, I do have some plans in this year. Although it might not fulfill but yet, still need a plan isn't it? The important tool in fulfilling my wish would definitely be...... MONEY $$$ ! Yes, money! I need cashhhhhhhhh to go for some trips. Seriously, I wanna travel, and I wish to travel this year. Like going to Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Thailand even local would be good as well. Maybe other states in Malaysia like Perak, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur or whatever places that is cool to have some vacations! But yet, I still don't have the budget. Just try my best to get all this done soon! :D

That's all for my update. See you guys sooner or later? IDK. :p

Happy Good Friday and Easter Day!

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